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Published on March 2, 2013 By Shamshul The Catalyst

Get Malaysian Business Online Grant & Social Media for SOHO Entrepreneurs

Published on February 28, 2013 By Shamshul The Catalyst

SOHO Entrepreneurs Year End Gathering 2012

Published on December 9, 2012 By Shamshul The Catalyst

Tips to choose a profitable SOHO business opportunity

Published on November 30, 2011 By Shamshul The Catalyst

Here are 6 tips that will help you to choose a SOHO business opportunity. 1. Explore various business options before choosing one. 2. Choose a business that is profitable as well as personally satisfying. 3. Draw a layout to check whether or not the work area fits into your allocated home-space. 4. Decide whether or […]

Why should you consider SOHO Entrepreneurship?

Published on November 17, 2011 By Shamshul The Catalyst

Definition of SOHO Entrepreneurship The modern concept of small office/home office, or SOHO, refers to the category of business, which involves from 1 to 10 workers. SOHO can also stand for small or home office or single office/home office. A larger business enterprise, one notch up the size scale, is often categorized as a Small […]