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17 Ways Successful People Think Differently About Money

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PELUANG DAN CABARAN PERNIAGAAN F & B (SOHO Entrepreneurship)   Tahun 2015 akan lebih mencabar bukan sahaja kepada para usahawan malah turut dirasai oleh segenap lapisan masyarakat. Kerajaan mengurangkan perbelanjaan Negara. Petronas mengurangkan perbelanjaan sebanyak 30 peratus disebabkan penurunan harga minyak dunia. Matawang Ringgit jatuh ditahap amat rendah berbanding matawang asing. Kenaikan harga barangan dan […]


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D.A.R.E BIZSTART 2012 – Kuala Lumpur

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Thursday, 27 September 2012 I was honored for being invited by MAD Incubator to be the Panelist & Speaker for D.A.R.E BIZSTART 2012 – Kuala Lumpur. In the morning, I was a panelist in a Panel Discussion titled “Women In The Driver Seat” moderated by Maresa Ng from ActionCoach. In the afternoon, I presented a talk on […]

Mentors: A Young Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

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Adam Toren

  BY Adam Toren You need a good idea. Startup cash can make a real difference. Business experience and savvy also help, of course. But to take advantage of the most powerful weapon an entrepreneur can have, find a mentor. A good mentor helps you think through a business idea, suggests ways to generate that […]


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by Brian Tracy After having studied top achievers and peak performers over the past 35 years, I’ve concluded that these unique men and women, have in most cases, mastered what I call the Seven C’s of Success. Clarity: Eighty percent of success comes from being clear on who you are, what you believe in and […]